Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As stated before, Everyman Chess, is jacking up all their chess book prices. Kasparov's Predecessors books are not immune. Vols. 1, 4, and 5 will have price increases in late March as these books arrive from Britain. I still have them at the older prices (bob@thinkerspressinc.com in case you need a catalog). I very much doubt that I can reorder at the older prices.

It's weird actually, but some books quickly sell out when it is discovered they need to be reprinted soon. Do people wait until the last minute? Yes, and for all kinds of "it don't make no sense reasons." The usual one is, "I just haven't gotten around to it." Or in one case I witnessed, a player-reader was browsing the book in a comfortable chair at Borders. He told me he never bought chess books.

To go into the sordid printing history of anything done by Everyman (and it's predecessors) I would have to post an article in another chess publication I edit, Chess EXTRAS, where I can take the extra pages, as it were. In fact I am working on issue #4 and I think there will be some extremely different and great material contain therein. If you want a subscription to the six issues it is $65, or $50 if you own a 2010 Gold Card.

Everyman's other chess books are undergoing price boosts too including Watson's 3rd edition of the French. If you want to read more about Everyman's proofing of chess books, take in a subscription (at the moment, $19.95) for The Chess Reports where a review of Kingpin magazines reveals all.

Now to renew my driver's license this afternoon. I didn't know it had expired! I think the trip back from Georgia did me in. Time to retake the test (this is not a unique experience for me).

BTW, an aside, I've reviewed and watched the new Seirawan DVD. It is superb. A+ material. I've had to order more copies. I think I have one left and I hadn't even reviewed it in TCR until now.


  1. So what happened with "My Great Predecessors" volume 2 and 3. Is the Soviet school not as popular. Actually Tal is actually worth the price of volume 2. Volume 3 covers Petrosian and Spassky and "the also ran" such as Polugayevsky, who are in my opinion far more interesting than GM P. and GM S.

  2. Bob Sez: I'm sure it is a matter of time, but yes, I would suspect either the printings of each varied OR some were more popular than others, which is true of every series. Publisher/author teams tries to make each one exciting to make money across the board but we know people have their preferences.

  3. I have the Seirawan DVD but can't look at it yet. My computer won't read the disk, guess the computer is to old and my laptop won't run it because I have forgotten my password for the laptop. Understand I have to reload Windows Vista to get the laptop working. I was hoping to write a review of the DVD for NORTHWEST CHESS. Read one on chessbase looking forward to Bob's.

    Russell Miller Camas WA

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