Thursday, February 18, 2010


Laz Munoz just told me this morning that Purdy's Chess Bits and Obits is selling on Amazon's Marketplace for $161 new and $141 used.

I would add the phrase, "attempting to sell," because only a fool would pay that.

It shows me there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with Amazon and that there is a SPY inside the company. This sounds worth reporting. Why? Because I told them a few days ago that I could no longer ship that ONE copy to them they wanted as I was out of that book and it was permanently unavailable. I pretty much doubt this was a coincidence.

Just as when I see books of mine that are advertised as being available when it has yet to be released... this kind of crap is unconscionable. If I had gotten this kind of "play" when the book was first released I would have reprinted it years ago.

I would love to see the order come in and who it was from for the bozo who shells out that kind of money for this $25 book.

One thing that is still being learned, there is NO end to greed. I wonder what will happen when The Chess Gospel According to John is released in a few weeks, another CJS Purdy book... ho hum?

Should I announce Ray Smullyan's Some Interesting Memories as no longer being available as I have boxes and boxes of them in a garage? I wonder if I have an extra box of Chess Bits around here somewhere?? No end to greed.

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