Friday, January 29, 2010


I found out today that my web domain: has been down for 2 days and that's why I have gotten no emails and therefore have answered none. So if you wrote, please write again. I believe it is back up just a few minutes ago.

The end of the year can be chaotic with all kinds of renewals, dropping certain sites that were automatic renewals, taxes, end of year bookkeeping, and paying this person and that--it is my unfavorite time of the year.

Even shipping to me has been slow. Somehow a package I have sent to a customer has disappeared. I was trying to clean some wax out of my ear last week for a date and all I succeeded in doing was making myself deaf! I am hoping the medicine and "bulb" will change all that sooner. It's like a "perfect storm" of interruptions.

However one thing has been done. I have finished the Purdy book and am proofing it. I can't yet announce the details except that it will be about $25.00 (USA) and a special price to certain groups. The cover hasn't been designed yet as we think long and hard about these things.

However before closing I will make one special offer: If you subscribe to The Chess Reports between today and Monday (Jan. 29-Feb. 1) I will sell you a subscription to semester 8 for $25 instead of the usual $50. Four days only. Issue #99 will be out next week (Friday). You will also be emailed back issues for Semester 8.

Hope you have a terrific weekend even if you have snow and ice up to your waistline.

Information on the Purdy book will be announced later. I have yet to index the book and that takes considerable time. So hold your thoughts.

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