Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today I created a FREE monthly "tips" sheet--this one for January 2010.

What is a TIP? In this case it is a written set of instructions designed to help improve your game.

There will be 11 more months of tips.

The thrust is: When you order from G&L Chess I will include a color copy of the Monthly Tip Sheet at no additional charge. Since January is almost shot (although there are a few days left) if you order in February you will get both the January and February Tip sheets.

These aren't "Mickey Mouse" tips either. I will generally take them from one book with the hopes of selling a copy of that book. There will be six tips, almost filling a page. No obligation for you to buy the book the tips were taken from.

I won't list the title of the book because it is too easy to assume if you have the book that you know what's in it, or even most of what is in it. And if you don't have the book it might intrigue you. As some of you know by now, the G&L inventory is all good stuff.

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  1. Bob, congratulations on your TMOZ being one of the three nominees for best book of 2009! I am going to buy it from you to celebrate! Best wishes for 2010 projects. --Sam Naylor