Saturday, January 23, 2010


Over my publishing career I have put out books and magazines totaling nearly 140 different titles. Over and over company efforts get praise for their quality and originality. Thus, TPi gets recommended to others. I tell prospects when they bring a book MS (manuscript) to me, one thing they get that is not available anywhere else is, me. I've been doing this a while. I have an idea of what works. (Lots of misguidance out there.)

Some of you know I publish "vanity" books nowadays. That is, somebody tells me they have a manuscript (usually chess, but not always) and would like to have it published. There is a preliminary period of questions first (call me at 563-271-6657). Then we go into the other phases (contract, costs, delivery time, and so on... including formatting and shipping to me.)

Sometimes projects get dropped, sometimes they are on file, and so it goes (Linda Ellerbee) on.

The newsletter will set up conditions and what are considered publishing standards. I am constantly appalled at the content and "design" of the manuscripts I receive--it makes me feel like the author has NEVER seen a chess book in their life! Then, when I spend all that time to put the manuscript into a viable form, the author pays for it!

So if you are contemplating, now or in the future, something on chess... drop me an email at:

At the moment I have about 20 people signed up for this e-list. If I get a few more I will put out a colorful brochure on working with TPi. I will also discuss something NEW--what I call private stock. The private stock press can be for your own amusement, for friends or employees, for churches, not for sale, etc. where I publish your manuscript in book form as it is. I don't proof, I don't edit, I don't really change anything (unless it is obvious and egregious). Some people are full of self-confidence in not making errors (I have yet to see it actually happen) and some know they need help. Help is available; it, like everything, costs extra.

Sorry... at this time I am not taking manuscripts for royalty publishing (i.e., the author gets paid based on sales and I front the cost of the book). Sometime this year TPi will republish SOME of the Purdy books.

I look forward to new hopes and am taking reservations now. January is used, and most likely March, already.

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