Saturday, January 9, 2010


Tonight I am slated to get together with some church choir members (am I preaching to the choir?) to play some kind of trivia game. Everyone says it is fun and I am sure it will be. These little "bits" are not cheap. Besides the $10 entry fee, I was requested to bring unspecified drinks. One guy is bringing beer and wine his wife told me. I am bringing Minute Maid's Lemonade Light, Diet Pepsi (which I can't stand, but then again, I won't be drinking that), and Mtn Dew (the people at Pepsi have become the new wave generation of "texting" on products! This added up to $12.00 and we'll be there for 2-3 hours. Try a chess tournament, the expense isn't so bad if you sleep on the floor or outside in your car (eeek!).

The reason this appeared on my radar is that I have a book somewhere called Chess Trivia. It's an okay book, but I would think it would be fun having a Trivial Pursuit type version of chess for chess clubs, friends at one's home, schools, and other types of parties. I am somewhat afraid it wouldn't sell well. One thing I learned the hard way in all my chess marketing attempts of the past is that many chess players are more anal than engineers (ask wives).

It's as if many can't take a time out--and that "chess" is something that is squeezed into a life schedule rather than used to enjoy oneself. In his recent Facebook pages we see IM Andrew Martin "having fun," what a concept. I'll let you know how the party went and whether chess could be "shaped" into such a "fashion event."

But here's the deal on chess trivia:
1) It would have to be accurate Q & A.
2) It would have to "look" entertaining--i.e., colorful with a flair and readable type.
3) Players would have to have a chance (questions such as "What is Morozevich's first name?") and not insane remarks (such as "What cities has Bobby Fischer been held in jail?") unless there was an advanced version for the ultra geeks. It would need world wide publicity such as
4) It could not be too expensive--many buyers relegate expensive-only to books of 500 pages or more, hardcover, colorful pictures, and written by Kasparov. How much would you pay?

Question: If I came up with such a version--would you be interested enough to buy one (at a reasonable price?). I'll revisit this later.

In the meantime: I will be sending out a limited time offer, jazzy, 4-page colorful PDF brochure this afternoon to everyone who is on my "free catalog" email list. If you don't think you are, drop me a line at:

It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow!

PS: Just got back from Trivia night. Lots of movie questions, Iowa basketball (huh?), and strange burial states among others. The group I was in finished 2nd out of 10. We got our money back. It was fun, but strange.

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  1. I do not understand requirement #3, off the top of my head I can remember BF's pamphlet "I was tortured in a Pasadena Jailhouse!" but I do not know Morozevich, even if threatened by torture in Pasadena.

    I might be interest in getting one (if reasonable), it might be fun to bring to chess club, not that I go there very often.