Thursday, January 14, 2010


Down for most of yesterday... sorry to have missed you.

How familiar are YOU with the British chess magazine KINGPIN? I know Jonathan Manley, the head guy there, and I heard from him this morning. When I was in Georgia he inquired as to if I would be interested in carrying his "tongue-in-check" magazine (I couldn't resist). I couldn't do it at that time so I thought I would broach the subject via this Blog (which is growing!)

Kingpin has some funny articles (and satire) and some "serious" articles (I think they are serious!). Some of the humor (humour to those who can't spell) is "inside," so don't expect to get it all. However, enough people have heard of it that it is worth mentioning. If I did do this distributorship thing I am not sure of the details, but I do expect a reply soon. You know, stuff like, how much does it cost? (The conversion of dollars, euros, and pounds is not difficult, it just keeps changing!). Maybe this would be a peaceful way to put PayPal to use. Let me know what you think.

You might be surprised, considering this is a blog, but I get emails instead of all Blog comments. Some are quite insightful and with permission I may post some of them on this Blog. So far the most comments I have received are in regard to the (3) books I recently mentioned.

I discovered, much to my dismay, that without the internet connected, I got a lot of bookkeeping done yesterday! So today, I will keep this relatively brief. Thanks for "tuning" in.

PS: I am working on a book for a fellow in Washington, the state. His take on chess is interestingly different as he throws in lots of literary "dialect," sort of like Stephen Gerzadowicz used to do, but still it is different. I'll let you know when I am near finished. I still do private book publishing.

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  1. Great job Bob! Though I don't understand most of it. I see you are updating this daily? That should keep you busy. Is blogspot a generic blog site?