Friday, June 3, 2011


Thinkers' Press inc.'s new openings magazine SCORE came out before noon today. Here are some early returns:

Wow, It looks great!
Nice weekend reading and lifelong chess improvement!
Cheers, Patrik (Sweden)

Very well done first issue of SCORE!

If the rest are of the same high quality I will be happy.

Ron (Des Moines)

I've just started to take a look at the first issue, but had an idea I wanted to run by you. I would like to print off several copies (with your permission of course) of page 2 and hand them out to some people who come to our chess get togethers at Barnes & Noble. Let me know what you think... I have to admit, I'm pretty "pumped" about this new publication! Thanks.

Keep pushing those passed pawns.

Steve (IA)

Attached are my suggestions for openings to cover in SCORE. I have always taken a great interest in opening theory, and I should therefore be satisfied with any openings covered in these issues. But since many openings already have several books devoted to them, I thought it would be refreshing if these issues covered openings without a great deal of already published theory. Of course, this has happened already with this issue covering 1.) g3. Perhaps some other offbeat openings can be covered in later issues.
Thank you,
Gary (IL)

BOB: I replied to Gary that we certainly will consider his list but if there has been no NEW news (SCORE is about 2010-2011 games and theory), then anything written would duplicative to those other books and databases.

The Chess Gangs of New York and London, Alekhine the Executioner issue just landed on my porch. Those who have FREE ones coming will be mailed that issue between now and 2 weeks from now. If an order in the meantime comes in from you, I will just drop it in with everything else. If not, I try to do it all on one day. For those who are BUYING the issue, yours will go out very soon. 59 annotated games are included. Don't ask me why the printer included 4 additional blank pages. One time he will, another time they won't. If I "fill them" they will charge me $1 extra. It's screwy.

Next up, Pillsbury the Fencer. The games have been annotated and soon will be laid out. Then comes Capablanca I think. After that... a big surprise. If I tell you in advance I won't hear from you until summer... No, it isn't Kasparov, Karpov, or Fischer. (Or Tal). I doubt those guys will even be included; their games are already quite accessible.

If you want to buy an issue of Alekhine, it is $12.95 + $3.00 for S&H.


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